GOC Srilanka

The Gods Own Children Foundation is Managed by a Voluntary Committee of seven members.

Dr.B.Anandkumar,Justice of the Peace

Team Leader

Dr. B. Anandkumar commenced his schooling at St. Peter's College, Colombo 04 and completed his secondary education at Royal College Colombo-07.

Dr. Anandkumar is a member of the AAT (UK), IMIS (UK), IPMA (UK) and is a finalist of the CIMA (UK). He has also completed the Post Graduate Qualifications in Management, Education, Computing, and Special Needs Education.

Dr. B. Anandkumar started off his career as an Assistant Accountant and Information Technology Coordinator at the CWE and later lectured for IT related subjects for accountancy examinations such as CIMA (UK), ACCA (UK), IDPM (UK), AAT (UK), Institute Of Chartered Accountants (Sri Lanka), Oxonia Institute, and the Institute for Accounting Studies (IAS). Dr. Anandkumar was also a consultant for many organizations including Ceylon Business Appliances, Computerlink, and London Business School. He was instrumental in obtaining exceptions for the Management Degree of the University of Jaffna from the CIMA (UK) curriculum.

He was also responsible for setting up the computer facility at Saiva Mangaiyar Kalagam (Hindu Ladies College, Colombo) and the Colombo Thamil Sangam.

Dr. B. Anandkumar belongs to an illustrious family of educationists and socially conscious politicians from Ariyalai, Jaffna.

His father Somasundaram Balasundaram was a brilliant Chemical Engineer and a Full Bright Scholar. His mother Devalakshmi Sittampalam was also a brilliant student and passed out top of the batch at Sri Lanka Law College. She was a lover of children and tirelessly worked towards providing a better future for the underprivileged and disabled children. She taught Special Needs Children free of charge in her spare time.

His maternal ancestors include Viswanathar Casipillai, who was the co founder of the Jaffna Hindu College and other Hindu Institutions, and the Saiva Paripalana Sabai (Jaffna Hindu Board), Manippay Hindu College, Kokuvil Hindu College, and Sri Paarvathy Vidyasalai; Arumugam Cathiravelu, a Magistrate and District Judge of Jaffna, who was the first editor of Tamil Journal "Inthu Sathanam", and the founder of the Saraswathy library, in Ariyalai. Arumugam Kanagaratnam, the Chairman of the first Urban Council of Jaffna, who built and established Stanley College (now known as Kanagaratnam Madhya Maha Vidyalayam); Cathiravelu Sittampalam, his maternal grand father, who was the Minister of Post and Telecommunications in the First Cabinet of Independent Ceylon; his maternal grand uncles include C. Ponnampalam, who was the First Mayor of Jaffna and C. Casipillai, who was the Third Mayor of Jaffna.

Dr. B. Anandkumar's paternal grandfather Arumugam Somasundaram was the Principal of Kanagaratnam Madhya Maha Vidyalayam and his paternal grand aunt, Miss. Saravanamuttu was Principal of Vadamaradchy Hindu Ladies College.

Dr. Anandkumar is the chairman of the Gods Own Children Foundation. In this capacity, he volunteers as the team leader and promoter of the Foundation and is involved in the fundraising, public relations, training, and policy making.

Ms.Anne Mary Jecintha Anton

Deputy Team Leader - Education , Training and Administration

Ms Anne Mary Jecintha Anton , is a committed Social Worker.She is an active committee member of the St.Peter's Church, Navaly, and she was selected as one, among three layman, by the Bishop of Jaffna, to meet the Papal Delegation, in Colombo recently.

Jesintha Anton hails from Navali, and had her early education at St. Peter's Primary School Jaffna. Jesintha completed her secondary education at Manipay Hindu Ladies College. Jesintha completed her Teacher Training Diploma and was a Teacher at St. Peter's Primary School, Navaly. She has also completed a Diploma in Nursing, and completed her Nursing Training at the hospital for the mentally ill at Angoda. Mulleriyawa, in the South.

Jesintha subsequently took a break from her Career in Care Service ,which was closest to her heart , due to the unfortunate demise of her husband and was subsequently, an announcer and producer at the Swarnawahini Tamil Radio Station.

Jesintha, later joined the British Business School, and was a Full Time Administrator and a part time English Language Teacher. Jesintha has been trained in handling special needs children and is a Volunteer Member of the Gods Own Children Foundation. She is the Deputy Team Leader of the Honorory Volunteer Committee.

Mr. Reegan Mariathas

Associate Team Leader - Special Projects

Mr. Reegan Mariathas completed his early education at St. Mary's College, Jaffna, and thereafter, completed his secondary education at Methodist College, Kotahena.

Reegan has completed a Diploma in Management and has been an Administrator at the BBS Computer School in Kotahena. Reegan now works as Manager for the British Business School in Jaffna.

Mr. Reegan Mariathas is a Volunteer Member of the Gods Own Children Foundation and acts as Associate Team Leader , in charge of Special Projects.

Ms. Poobathy Sinnathamby

Associate Team Leader - Finance & Administration

Poobathy Sinnathamby is a committed social worker, and Voluntarily involves herself in activities of Hindu temples.

Poobathy has obtained a Diploma in English from the Higher Technical College, Jaffna, and has worked in the University of Jaffna. Poobathy completed an in - service.

English Language Teacher Traning programme, and was an English Language Teacher at Kanagaratnam Maha Vidyalayam & Maheshwary Vidyasalai, Nallur.

Poobathy is a Volunteer Member of the Gods Own Children Foundation, and acts as an Associate Team Leader, in charge of Finance & Administration.

Ms. Saradha Punniyamoorthy

Senior Team Member - Public Liason

Mrs. Saratha Punniyamoorthy hails from Puloly, Point Pedro and completed her education at Vadamaradchi Hindu Ladies College, Point Pedro.

Saratha has completed her Bachelors Degree in Arts at the University of Kelaniya.

Saratha is a Volunteer Member of the Gods Own Children Foundation.

Ms. Sujatha Selvakumaran

Associate Team Member - Academic Affairs & Child Care

Mr. Ramiah Sivakumar

Senior Team Member - Technical Affairs

Mr. Ramiah Sivakumar, hails from Matale in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, and completed his education at the Matale High School.

Mr. Sivakumar is a Technically Trained competent person who is capable of handling any repair in the Electrical, Mechanical and Automotive field. He is employed as a Technical Assistant. Mr. Ramiah Sivakumar is a Volunteer Member of the Gods Own Children Foundation, and is responsible for Techinical