This letter is in support of Gods Own Children Foundation(GOCF) and the excellent efforts those involved have been making in regard to care of special needs children in Sri Lanka.

I have been involved with Dr. Anandkumar since 2004 and have been witness to his great efforts in finding support and then establishing his schools for the children affected by the tsunami and the civil war and now the children who have been orphaned.

It is very important that all children be educated with the skills that are necessary for living a meaningful and productive life. The Gods Own Children Foundation schools are vital in providing this kind of training and service. As well, the schools give the children hope for a better future by providing a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn regularly and desensitize from the trauma most have been forced to endure over their short lives.

Those that work and volunteer in the GOCF centers and housing complexes deserve great credit and respect for their efforts. The commitment and dedication are worthy of great praise.

It is obvious that there is great demand in many countries to provide for the neediest of children. The GOC Foundation has taken on this monumental task. The GOCF children are worthy of assistance and deserving of support from people all over the world.

I wish the organization strength, continued motivation and best wishes for ongoing success and will continue to assist Dr. Anandkumar and support the organization whenever possible.

Otto Schmidt, Educational and Gifted Programming Consultant, Ontario Certified Teacher, former teacher of the Toronto Catholic District School Board

   I have had the pleasure of being closely involved in the activities of the GOC Special Needs School in Point Pedro. In fact the Special Need School in Point Pedro is being operated at my sister’s house.

I have had the honor of being a special guest on some days when meals were provided to the children. The Volunteers and Staff are committed, dedicated and well organized.

The provisions for the meals are being purchased by the volunteers themselves, and the children’s parents take turns in a roster in the preparation of the meals. The sports day was also well organized, and the children performed very well. Of particular mention was the fancy dress parade and the relay race.

I thank all the donors who have been helping our children and also thank the GOC Volunteers and Staff for doing a good job.

Professor M. Nadarajasundaram, Dean - Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna

   On behalf of Florence, Sandali, Neil, Andrew and myself, I would like to first extend our congratulations on the organisation of the Children's Exhibition at the Jaffna Central College, which was a great success.

Both the GOC's and other organisations immense dedication and commitment to each child was very apparent to us and we highly commend you all on that.

We would also like to thank you all for the amazing reception and warm hospitality shown to each of us during our stay in Jaffna.

Vanessa De Silva, European Commission Delegation, Sri Lanka

   I am pleased to issue this message to the year-end newsletter of the Gods Own Children Foundation.

The Volunteers and Staff of Gods Own Children are doing yoeman service to the unfortunate children in the Jaffna peninsula, amidst great difficulty, and we should appreciate and support their endeavors. I have seen personally, the commitment and dedication of all these Volunteers and Staff, and can assure you that, this is indeed, a good cause.

I take pride in being associated with the Gods Own Children Foundation, and in particular with Anand, who is a childhood friend of my brother Guhan.

It is very unfortunate that, the world is in recession now, amidst a global financial crisis and a credit crunch, and I appeal to all donors to continue your assistance to the disadvantaged children in Jaffna, despite all these obstacles. "

It is our duty to help those in need. It is God's wish that all humans should perform "Satvikka" - charity or gifts expecting nothing in return. Let us all rise to serve God through these unfortunate children. Let us perform our sacred duty; let us bestow kindness with humility and to the best of one's ability.

Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.

Charity is for the purification of the heart. If charity is given to suitable persons and persons worthy of charity it leads one to advanced spiritual life.

According to the Lord, even among kamya karmas, those sacrifices, charities and austerities, which are sattvika in nature, without desire for results, should be performed. Sacrifice, austerity and charity must be done, because they cause purification of the consciousness.

May you receive God´s Blessings and May you Love all those created by Him.

Ms. Gowri Shankar Somosundaram,Financial Consultant and Ex -President of the Sri Lanka Division of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK

   Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to you after leaving Jaffna. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Jaffna (although I always love coming up to Jaffna anyway) but this trip was personally moving for me. As a professional I always try and remain objective to things I see around me, no matter how bad the situation is...this rule has allowed me to work in other countries without becoming an emotional freight train...but this recent Jaffna trip was amazing due to the kids that I had the pleasure of meeting...each and every one of them was a true gift from God. I'm not a particularly religious man, although I do turn to him on occasion, but these kids in Jaffna made me realize how easy my own life, and my families lives are and how fortunate we are.

You and your staff should be commended for the outstanding commitment that you show to these kids and the different organizations that represent them...there were times during the trip that I was almost moved to tears, solely by the children happy demeanor and their total trust in the appearance of a bunch of strangers intruding into their lives. The entire trip was heart warming for me personally and has encouraged me to try and do more to help. If there is anything I can do to help these children then please point me in the right direction...even my wife would be pleased to help out in some way, whether it be voluntary work etc. I still intend to write to a number of Special Education organizations in the UK regarding GOC. I'm not sure what the outcome will be but if nothing else it will highlight GoC and what you're all doing.

Thank you again for a great trip with wonderful hospitality, which is clearly the Jaffna way.

Neil M Davis QCVS,Delegation of the European Commission Sri Lanka

   I am pleased that Gods Own Children Foundation is serving the poor and downtrodden children.

Service to Humanity is Service to God.

May the Lord Bless all of you.

Rev. Swami Chithrubanantha,Head of Ramakrishna Mission, Point Pedro, Jaffna