Our History

The origins of Gods Own Children Foundation dates back to March 2003. After the ceasefire agreement was inked, which paved the way to a reasonable level of normalcy in the Jaffna Peninsula, a private fee levying school, namely , British Business College (Pvt) Ltd, an Education and Training company from Colombo , established a school in the Jaffna Peninsula , which conducted Early Childhood Programs and Primary Education both in the English and Tamil mediums. This was the first private school in the Jaffna Peninsula to conduct such educational programs, charging nominal fees.

Due to the war, the standard of education in the Jaffna Peninsula had deteriorated drastically, and thus, this initiative which introduced badly needed inputs such as, Trained English Language Teachers, Modern Curriculum and Teaching Methods and Investment from Colombo was welcomed and appreciated by the Jaffna population. The school was a success and soon established four campuses at Nallur - Jaffna, Kandy Road-Jaffna, Jaffna Road - Manipay and Manthigai - Point Pedro.

However, the Management of the School had to cope with some major problems during the course of time.

  • There were some intellectually and physically disabled children and children suffering from trauma, who were admitted to the schools, and their inclusion was detested by the parents of the other children.
  • Most parents of other intellectually and physically disabled children and children suffering from trauma could not admit their children to the schools since they could not afford, even the nominal fee being charged.
  • Parents of normal children, but whose families live in sheer poverty could not admit their children, as they could not afford the nominal fee being charged

Soon, another disaster struck the Jaffna Peninsula in the form of the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004, which left scores of orphans and traumatized children amidst destruction to life and property. This disaster occurred not long after the cruel war which had just ended, which itself had produced severely traumatized children.

As a result of all the above, Volunteers from the Management and Staff of British Business College, and from the General Public, formed an action committee which deliberated over a period of time, and finally decided to establish a Non-Profit Foundation to operate non fee levying Special Needs Schools in the Jaffna peninsula.

Thus, on 24th August 2005, the Gods Own Children Foundation was established as a Non-Profit organization.

Initial Pledge of Funds

Initially, the British Business College pledged funds to pay the rent of school buildings when acquired and the salaries of teachers. Other private individual donors pledged funds to meet the cost of stationary and related items which would be required by the Special Needs Schools.

School Buildings for the Special Needs Schools

Gods Own Children Foundation acquired school buildings on long lease to operate their Special Needs Schools. Gods Own Children Foundation is grateful to Dr.(Mrs). Vasanthy Jeyaveeran, attached to the Apollo Hospitals, Colombo, for leasing the Ariyalai school building to us, free of charge for a period of three years.

Gods Own Children Foundation also thanks Mr. Nadarajasundaram, a Dean of the University of Jaffna, for leasing the Point Pedro school building to us at a nominal rent.