What We Do

Gods Own Children Foundation implements the following Projects for the benefit of the disadvantaged children & youth of the Jaffna Peninsula.


Once known as a seat of learning & culture , Jaffna has been a district most affected by the three decade war. Thousands have been displaced , families have lost loved ones , assets have been destroyed , and there seems to be no rainbow in the lost horizon. Worse still , children who have seen all this destruction have been traumatised. Definitely , the war & the tsunami have had an adverse effect on the lives of Jaffna's children.

Due to the above , the number of families living below the poverty line have increased. The education standards in the Jaffna Peninsula have dropped. Children from the poor families are backward in their studies , and no efforts have been made to cater to the needs of these disadvantaged children of Jaffna , who require special care and teaching. Many children did not go to school because they did not fit into the class. In many instances , the students who attempted to attend school, were discouraged when they found that they could not cope with other students. Even caring and patient teachers could not cater to their needs because of the large volumes of students in their class. These children dropped out of school soon. Parents of other children did not send their children to school because, they could not afford to provide proper meals and provide clothing , shoes etc .Many others who sent their children to school on an empty stomach , and by barefoot , soon found their children refusing to attend school - Humiliation , Inability to understand what was taught in class , were some of the reasons.

There were other Intellectually & Physically Disabled children , who did not attend school.

Children who were orphaned due to the war & tsunami , were neglected & abused in the care of distant relatives.

Children of families displaced due to the war & tsunami , had no proper home , and therefore no conducive environment to study.

The GOC Foundation was inaugurated to provide an education service to children of the above categories , in the Jaffna Peninsula. GOC trained G.C.E Advanced Level qualified girls , who were Child Lovers by nature , in teaching special needs children , and embarked on an ambitious project to bring the special needs children back to the school system.


GOC Foundation has made a meaningful and measurable contribution since 2005 towards access to quality education for disadvantaged children in the Jaffna Peninsula. All this has been possible though the dedication and commitment of Donors, the Voluntary and Teaching Staff and all our Well-Wishers.

We need to continue our Journey. We need to expand, to encompass all other disadvantaged children in the Jaffna Peninsula.

However , we realize that many of the children will not be able to gain admission to University or Technical College.We should not allow such disadvantaged children graduating from our schools after the GCE Examinations to idle at home and depend on subsidies and handouts. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that a proud community once known for its enterprise and hardwork , has to now depend on subsidies and handouts.We have to create a situation where such youth become responsible persons in the community and earn their own living. It is therefore essential that all the youth who do not gain access to higher education , are trained for employment and provided with income earning opportunities.

With the above objective in mind , we inaugurated Phase I of our planned Employment Training Centre , and commenced a Sewing Centre for girls in Manipay. We intend to expand this venture to other areas as well, and also add on other Employment Training Programmes as well , including Training Programmes for males.