Employment Training

The Need for this Project

Our Foundation has made a meaningful and measurable contribution since 2005 towards access to quality education for disadvantaged children in the Jaffna Peninsula. All this has been possible though the dedication and commitment of Donors, the Voluntary and Teaching Staff and all our Well-Wishers.

We need to continue our Journey. We need to expand to encompass all other disadvantaged children in the Jaffna Peninsula.

However, we realize that many of the children will not be able to gain admission to University or Technical College. We should not allow such disadvantaged children graduating from our schools after the GCE Examinations to idle at home and depend on subsidies and handouts. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that a proud community once known for its enterprise and hard work, has to now depend on subsidies and handouts. We have to create a situation where such youth become responsible persons in the community and earn their own living. It is therefore essential that all the youth who do not gain access to higher education, are trained for employment and provided with income earning opportunities.

With the above objective in mind, we inaugurated Phase I of our planned Employment Training Centre, and commenced a Sewing Centre for girls in Manipay. We intend to expand this venture to other areas as well, and also add on other Employment Training programs as well, including Training programs for males.

Training Centres in Other Areas

Our Foundation has identified suitable premises in easily accessible locations in Nallur and Point Pedro. A small advertisement was placed in the local newspaper, Uthayan, and we received hundreds of applications from young girls from poverty stricken families. We are indeed, delighted that our project is going to be a huge success, and these poverty stricken girls will be gainfully employed soon.

We need to expand our employment training centres to accommodate a wider section of the disadvantaged youth of the Jaffna Peninsula. We have ambitious plans of adding on computer and electronic training programs, training programs in poultry farming and animal husbandry, and many other employment oriented skills training programs, in order to ensure that our disadvantaged youth learn vital skills to obtain income generating opportunities, and lead an independent life. These ventures have been put on cold storage, awaiting the availability of funds.

Employment Training Centres For Disadvantaged Youth

GOCF Manipay Training Centre

Sankarapillai Road, Manipay

GOCF Nallur Training Centre

34, Sattanathar Veethi, Nallur, Jaffna

GOCF Vadamaradchi Training Centre

Dr. Pathmanathan Illam, Vetenerary Hospital Road, Manthigal, Puloly