With Great Difficulty, and by Lobbying various sources from within the Government of Sri Lanka, Gods Own Children Foundation has finally obtained permission to establish Dedicated Child Care Facilities to facilitate and assist the Educational and Employment Skills training and development of Differently Able Children SEVERELY affected by the war.

As a First Step, GOCF has now established a Dedicated Residential Facility for Differently Able Children, in Achchuvely, in the JAFFNA PENINSULA.

A Kind Donor from the Diaspora in Canada - Doctor Karunananithy (A retired  well known Doctor from Achchuveli  has given his house to establish this facility. He has also provided  funds to renovate the house  , in conforming to International Standards  for Environmental Design  in providing  housing for Differently Able Children.

We have identified more than 300 Differently Able Children , however , due to space constraints , we are able  to exclusively accommodate only 50 Differently Able Children in this facility

We are scheduled to Inaugurate this Facility on 1 November 2010 , with the patronage of the Minister of Child Care and Development and Minister of Rehabilitation and Resettlement. The Government Agent of Jaffna is also scheduled to participate. We need to abide by this schedule, so that there will not be any changes of minds from the relevant authorities.

We are now seeking assistance from you and various Humanitarian Groups to assist us in this venture. We need funds for the following :

1.Purchase disability aids.
2. Purchase appropriate furniture and equipment.
3 To effect repairs to incorporate disability friendly environment
4 Monthly Funds to operate this facility. We require at least US$3500 per month.

We also wish to point out, that our previous Project - Puloly Children's Village which has a boys residence and girls residence, also requires funds for maintenance and operations.

We now have approximately, 125 Children in Puloly Childrens Village, although we have Governmental and Judicial permission, and the capacity to accommodate 200 Children. We are currently in need of Funds, to ensure smooth operation of this Puloly Children’s Village, if we are to provide a new and meaningful life for 200 children who have no kith or kin, and no possibility of Education and Employment, if they are not accommodated by us.

We also require funds to purchase essential equipment and furniture for Puloly Children’s Village.

The News about the Unfortunate IDP Children has now gone from the front pages , and we know it is difficult to raise funds, but there are many Good Samaritans who may want to help. Please introduce them to us.



*      Press Release