How Can You Help

Volunteer in GOCF Sri Lanka

Gods Own Children Foundation gives volunteers a unique opportunity to work with the children and staff within its Children's Villages, bringing a life changing experience.

Volunteering to work with children in a developing country can challenging, but an extremely rewarding and life changing experience. Sri Lanka is a country, which is different from Australia in many ways. The culture, the traditions, the beliefs and the warmth of the Tamil people open your eyes to so many things and make for an unforgettable experience.

At GOCF Children's Village we have over 250 beautiful children who bring so much joy to those around them. Watching the transformation of the children from when they arrive at GOCF Children's Village and their ongoing development is just incredible and something that volunteers can be a part of. You don't need to have special skills to volunteer at GOCF. Sometimes the best thing for the children is having someone who will just play with them, listen to them and help them with their homework. These simple things can become precious lifetime memories. Their songs, dances, games, positive attitude, laughter and smiles on their faces at bedtime will no doubt bring you immense joy.

General help e.g. spending time talking to, reading with, playing with and helping the children with their homework

Use your specialist skills: e.g. teach, share medical knowledge, conduct music, d ancing, handicraft, sewing, and computing lessons

Trade skills are always useful for jobs around the home

Staff help e.g. cleaning, cooking, maintenance work

Teach at the local school where the GOCF children attend (subject to approval from relevant authorities)


With the help of generous contributions from donors like you, we can build new Children's Villages and support existing ones.

Our funding does not stem from government grants. Donations from individuals, businesses, and private foundations provide the financial support needed to operate these orphanages and provide care for the children. In addition to sustaining life, donations help, train caregivers, pay for supplies, provide elementary education, and more.

Your gift or donation to Gods Own Children Foundation will bring you the joy of knowing you are helping save children's lives. As a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation 100% of your funds go directly to supporting the children. Other general expenses are covered by our other fundraising initiatives.

Child Sponsorship

As a sponsor you will receive a photograph and background information of the child you are supporting, updated annually. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter with updates on events at GOCF and Children's Village, as well as things like exam results, letters from your child and any other relevant news.

Building fund

Monthly or one-off donations to GOCF Children's Village building fund, which will

  • provide additional building facilities
  • enhance existing building facilities

for current and future children of GOCF.

One-off donations

One off donations can be made to

  • Celebrate birthdays,
  • Celebrate wedding anniversaries
  • Celebrate any other especial day/event
  • Commemorate loved one's death anniversaries

These funds are to be used for unexpected emergencies, insurance and savings funds for the children. GOCF is heavily focused on training and development so the children and staff of GOCF Children's Village can become self-sufficient in the long term and break the cycle of poverty for themselves and the local community in which they live.

Donation of Materials

  • Educational materials such as stationery, books, computers
  • School uniforms, bags, and shoes
  • Clothing and toiletries
  • Toys, recreational equipment
  • First aid, other medial supplies

All donations of goods need to be examined by a member of the Sri Lankan GOCF Management committee prior to delivery to the orphanage