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*      How much of donated funds go directly to the children and how much are spent on administration?


100% of funds donated to GOCF go directly to support Gods Own Children Foundation in Sri Lanka unless otherwise specified by the donor. For example we have been fortunate enough to receive a donation specifically to cover the shipment of goods and other donations specifically to cover some fundraising expenses.


Our management committees in Sri Lanka and countries outside Sri Lanka are entirely volunteer run. All administrative costs outside Sri Lanka are met by the management committee themselves. Sri Lanka administrative costs are closely audited and kept to a minimum.

*      How do you guarantee the money actually gets there and is really all spent on the children?


Money is transferred into the Gods Own Children Foundation Bank account in Sri Lanka to which Dr B Anandakumar, Chairman, and Mrs. Jechintha Anton , Team Leader  of Gods Own Children Foundation, are signatories. Receipts are collected for all purchases and bank statements are reconciled on a monthly basis.


We personally keep in direct contact with our Sri Lanka team. At least one International committee member is in Sri Lanka every year so we see firsthand where the money has been spent.


*      Is donations tax deductible in Australia?


Not at this stage. For an organisation to be a tax deductible gift recipient (DGR), they must have been operating for a minimum of 2 years, have raised a minimum of $30k per year, and demonstrate to “Ausaid” that the charity has been running in an effective and efficient manner. GOCF Australasian Chapter has been running since Dec 2009.

*      Can I visit the children if I go to Sri Lanka?


Yes, of course. You would however need to organise this with the GOCF team in your country prior to your visit.

*      What is the general health of the children and do they have access to medical facilities?


The health of many of the children when they first came to the orphanage was very poor. Many suffered from malnutrition, and undiagnosed medical conditions such trauma and loss of limbs. However, we take all our children for regular medical,  they receive a high quality diet at Gods Own Children Foundation. Now those children who were initially ill are flourishing with the extra care and attention they have received.

*      What happens to the children when they turn 18?


This will not be the end of our support for the GOCF Children. GOCF is their permanent family, so the children will have the opportunity to continue living at GOCF and take on extra responsibilities in caring for the younger children, as in any regular loving family. Similarly we will provide ongoing love, support and guidance and encourage them to reach their full potential in whatever field that may be.

*      Can the children be adopted?

The children at Gods Own Children Foundation cannot be adopted. There are many children in institutions in Sri Lanka however that can be adopted under the strict adoption laws that govern this process in Sri Lanka. Additionally, many of our children still have one living parent in Sri Lanka, so we hope that in the future they may be reconciled or at least have some contact with any living parent/guardian.

*      What do they learn at school?


The children learn Tamil reading and writing, English reading and writing, Mathematics, Social Sciences, History, Geography and Art. There is also time for Sport and Physical Development.

*      What happened to most of their parents?


Many of our children are in this situation because of the recent ethnic conflict. In some cases both of their parents have been killed through this conflict. Other children have only one deceased parent, either through illness or conflict related, but the remaining parent is simply unable to care for the child, who ends up on the streets.

*      Are the children with parents or relatives able to visit?


Yes, we encourage family friends and relatives to visit the children.  We feel it is important for those with relatives to know that they have family that do care for them but who just have not been able to provide for them.

*      Who looks after the children at Gods Own Children Foundation day to day?


There are full time carers at each GOCF house, including carers, cooks, cleaners and assistant carers. The Chairperson and committee members also visit regularly to spend time with the children and provide ongoing guidance and support for the live-in staff.